Customer Loyalty Initiatives

Companies of all sizes have been pursuing the notion of customer satisfaction for as long as we can remember. But there is a problem: our research shows that satisfied customers leave you every day. They are not unhappy. They are not angry at you. They just jump for a better deal when the opportunity arises.

So does that make customer satisfaction meaningless? Not if you take it to the next level. The next level is true customer loyalty. Loyal customers:

  • Have a completely different behavior pattern than satisfied customers.
  • Have some emotional attachment to you.
  • Will recommend you to others.
  • Will put their reputation on the line for you.
  • Will push you to do a better job because they want you to be successful and they place real value in your company.
  • Will withstand a competitive advance because they are truly “fans” of yours.

Most importantly, loyal customers have been proven to be more profitable because they are not trying to beat you down to the lowest price or get everything for free.

At UpFront Advisors, we have developed tools and techniques for identifying the truly loyal customers in your organization, as well as those who are not. We also have action plans that address the real needs of those who aren’t currently loyal. These practical and easily-implemented approaches will allow you to win more good business, keep more good business, and ultimately make your business more profitable and focused.

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